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How to use the Buyer’s Journey to effectively market your business

If buyer personas are the first step of inbound marketing, then understanding the Buyer’s Journey is a very close second.

Made up of three stages—Awareness, Consideration and Decision—the Buyer’s Journey is based on the fact that today’s consumers are online … Read More

What you need to know about buyer personas (and a free downloadable template)

Hey, Inbounders, have you created your buyer personas yet? Do you know what they are and why they’re important?

Before you throw your hands up in the air in frustration and defeat, read on for a little ‘Buyer Personas … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Need Inbound Marketing

So you’ve heard the term “inbound marketing” being tossed around and don’t really know what it means? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Stop pretending and read on to find out what this mythical beast of marketing is really all about. What … Read More

5 blogging tools that will make you better at blogging (some are free!)

“What are your favorite blogging tools?”

This is a question we hear all the time from our clients and colleagues, so we thought we would share our top 5 blogging tools that we can’t live without.


Do you find yourself … Read More

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