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What’s missing from this social media roundup?


50% of the world’s hires are because of LinkedIn? Twitter‬ has the largest penetration in the US for social media? Or that on ‪Facebook‬ users share 1 million links every 20 minutes? Are you already following the most followed brand … Read More

Blogging Basics: 5 tips to help you blog better

Sometimes, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Does this sound familiar? You know you need to write a new blog post and have one hour before your first meeting. Today is going to be the day you … Read More

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Social Media Graphic Sizes

Face it—you need graphics and images in your social media posts to get noticed. But you need to make sure they’re the right size so they scale well for smartphones, tablets and desktops. We get questions all the time like: “Why … Read More

The Grammy Awards Show – Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar & Soap?

The Grammy Awards had taken a slide in the last five years. From publicity stunts to unseasoned performers; the show was starting to lose credibility and my desire to watch it.

While the Grammys were happening last night, I … Read More

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