The Grammy Awards Show – Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar & Soap?

The Grammy Awards had taken a slide in the last five years. From publicity stunts to unseasoned performers; the show was starting to lose credibility and my desire to watch it.

While the Grammys were happening last night, I … Read More

16 Jan '14

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New York Times Update – With the times or dated?

The New York Times began 2014 with resolutions ready, in the form of a new website. Just after the last confetti and streamers were cleared from city that never sleeps, the news giant that calls New York home released a … Read More

Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” Campaign – The Art of Controversy

How do you start a conversation? The best ones have multiple points of view to allows an exchange of ideas to occur. Without multiple views, you end up creating a monologue, where the audience nods along with the speaker (usually with glazed-looking eyes).Read More

Do You Really Want the Truth?

Have you ever seen a TV commercial and thought, “that’s not how it really is.”Read More