“The big 3″

Around think creative we refer to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as ‘the big 3,’ so it makes sense that if one rolls out some major changes, so will the other two.

Lets start with Facebook. Now as you may have … Read More

Social Media + Branding Review – Updated

I gave this presentation today in Fairfield. In prepping for the discussion, I was amazed to see  how quickly things change. Here is our social media presentation that has been updated with the most current statistics.

Crazy to think that … Read More

What’s your social media style?

What’s your social media tone? This is a common question that we answer for our clients. Obviously, everyone is different and our recommendations take that into consideration. Read More

PRSA / Southern CT Chapter Presentation – Social Media Review

Thanks again to John Hodgins and Michelle Wade for having me present on social media today. And thanks to all the attendees. I hope you got some good ideas!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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