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5 Essential Tips for the Best Email Marketing

Email marketing—What Would Businesses Do Without It?

73% of marketers agree that #email #marketing is core to their business.

Many businesses use email marketing—and we’re not surprised because email marketing is here to stay. We’re going to spill secrets on how to perfect your email marketing tactics while sharing essential tips for your next campaign.

1. Use Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are those that automatically “triggers” every time an event happens. For example, if a user starts the purchase process and abandons the cart at the moment of payment, the triggered email is sent after a few minutes or hours to remind this user that the purchase was not finalized.

The same happens if a person browses pages and doesn’t buy anything, a triggered email would be sent to see if they are still interested in the specific product categories browsed.

This is also known as intent-based marketing. Learn more about intent-based marketing in this article.

2. Email and Mobile go hand in hand (literally)

We can’t stress this enough. Mobile is the go-to when opening emails. Think about it, where do you personally check your emails more—your work/home computer or your smartphone?

We’ve already talked with you about how important responsive design is for your website. But don’t stop there! When developing your emails, you need to make sure your design is responsive and reactive for mobile devices and tablets. If you’re finding that your bounce rates are increasing and open rates are decreasing, we guess it’s because your email isn’t responsive on mobile devices. First impressions are essential in emails—not just dates. You only have one shot to send that perfect email to get readers to interact with you, and there is zero time for mistakes.

3. It’s Time To Be Different

Timing is everything. As cliché as that sounds, it’s 100% true for email marketing. According to HubSpot, most companies send marketing emails between 6 am and noon. A whopping 39% do this—don’t fall into this horrible trend. The next popular trend time [at 30%] is between 6 pm and midnight.

You want your email to stand out. How can you expect to stand out when you’re competing with other emails that are all being sent simultaneously? Below is an excellent chart from Wordstream that shows the best time to send emails during the week. Mix up your delivery times and be unique—test the waters a little bit, see what works for your brand and what doesn’t.

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