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8 Tips On How to Keep Audience Attention During A Presentation

How to keep audience attention during a presentation? There are eight different ways to grab the audience’s attention while giving a presentation or public speech to elicit interest and excitement from your audience. This will imply why is engaging the audience important. These methods will undoubtedly assist you in eliciting the best possible response from your audience.

Choosing the Best Format

You may distribute interesting information across a variety of channels, each with its own set of advantages.

While you may and should reuse all of the information that comes in and goes out through multiple channels for others, it’s also a good idea to look at what your rivals, comparable sites, and similar goods are doing.

If they are more established or larger, they are likely to have a better grasp of which formats and channels produce the most interaction.

These are some of the formats and channels that can be used:

  • Blogs are a great way to express yourself (engagement in the form of shares and comments)
  • Infographics are visual representations of information (engagement in the form of shares)
  • Podcasts are audio files that are broadcast over the internet (engagement in the form of feedback, subscribers, comments and shares)
  • Chats on Twitter (engagement in form of participants, number of tweets, and feedback)
  • Facebook Groups (Private) (engagement in the number of participants, number of posts, number of comments)
  • Webinars are a great way to learn new things (engagement in the number of participants, in the number of questions, in the quality of feedback)

And There’s More!

How To Keep Audience Attention During A Presentation

We will also learn a good technique to get your audience attention. Let’s learn how to catch someone’s attention online from this article.

keep audience attention during a presentation
keep audience attention during a presentation

1. Startling Fact

Use a stunning fact to provide some shock value. Using a relevant statistic or headline to emphasize the importance of the information you’re presenting is a good way to get people’s attention.

This strategy you might employ to begin a speech is to wow your audience with unexpected knowledge about your subject. Surprising remarks are frequently made in the form of statistics and unusual facts. A good surprising statistic should startle your audience and make them interested in your issue.

Give the audience an outline of what a stunning remark or attention getter is. It’s a remark or fact that catches the audience’s attention and encourages them to pay attention to your speech.

Listeners will be especially interested in hearing solutions or debating on an actual fact that has surprised them.

2. Use A Prop To Become Physical

Photos aren’t the only way to get people’s attention visually. Learn what type of visuals can you use to quickly grab the attention of your audience and create interest to learn how to get audience attention in a speech.

A suitable prop offers the picture that will assist your audience to relate to and recall your remarks, as well as kinetic appeal as you handle the item to convey your point. It also retains your audience’s attention on you throughout the presentation.

3. Don’t Cross Your Limit

You may be confident in going up and sharing your ideas as long as you keep to your unique experience and knowledge. As long as you practice what you preach, you’ll be able to express yourself clearly since your words are backed up by your actions.

Relaxation techniques can help you feel more at ease and confident. They’re covered in the voice spa course. For speaking, use abdominal breathing.

Instead of filler words, utilize pauses. Be succinct. Warmth and kindness should be used. This is a great way to apply how to keep audience attention during a presentation. Make use of a variety of intonation patterns. Make use of a deep, booming voice.

4. Tell Stories

According to Jane Chin, telling anecdotes throughout your presentation serves at least two functions. There are a lot of attention grabber examples for presentation around you.

One, they help you avoid “death by PowerPoint,” which occurs when you bore your audience by repeating a series of slides verbatim.

And two, “you will be that speaker who is fantastic because you jump straight into the lecture without seeming at all frazzled when audiovisual errors occur, which they will.”

5. Share Great Quotation

With a brilliant quotation, you may gain more credibility. According to Price, you may “get into his or her credibility, likeability, and fame” by using a relevant comment from a well-known, well-respected figure.

The key is to choose an appropriate quotation and then demonstrate how it directly pertains to the issue you’re describing.

6. Change The Tone Of Your Voice

Though you talk in a monotone, your presentation will seem to linger on forever, even if it is only a few minutes long. Monalisa Padhee advises modulating your voice for this reason.

You’ll also sound smarter as a result. Speaking expressively, according to Leonard Mlodinow, author of Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behaviour, boosts the impression of intellect. It’s all about changing your pitch and loudness, as well as not hesitating too much.

7. Take A Look At How Newscasters Do It

For advice on how to develop a story and make an argument, Suresh Kumar suggests watching television journalists.

As Katharine Brooks, a college-to-career consultant, writes on PsychologyToday dot com, prospective public speakers, particularly introverts, should pick a few role models and find out what makes their speeches so fascinating.

“You won’t be able to perform everything they do,” she adds, “but you’ll be able to pick up a few tricks.”

8. Understand Your Audience

Know your audience and keep your lecture as easy as possible. People understand and remember simple things more readily than elaborate and difficult explanations, which frequently confuse them. So keep it straightforward.

understand your audience
understand your audience

Take Away

Allow time for your audience to interact with one another during the presentation or speech. There are useful six ways to attract the attention of the listener. This will aid readers in gaining better comprehension of your issue while also piquing their curiosity about what is to follow. Hopefully, this article on how to keep audience attention during a presentation would be helpful for you to improve your presentation in the coming days.


 Guest Post By: Ahemed Shamim Ansary

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