Think about it…colors on the web

It sounds like a silly point to get hung upon. But color is important when it comes to websites and brands. It sets a visual tone, draws similarities [or disparities] with competitors, and needs to play nice with your overall brand.

While none of this may seem earth-shattering to you, we love to look at studies like the recent graphic study by Colourlovers [one of our absolute favorite sites] that shows that web brands LOVE color. The report showcases colors by keyword, male vs. female and who some of the most colorful personalities are.

It’s important to not just see but to really look at what other brands are doing. For example, have you ever made the mental connection that most well-known social media sites have blue brands? Think about it—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL, Flickr, WordPress—all are blue logos. Similarly, brands that want to portray constant evolution, growth, and expandability are using multicolor logos—Google, eBay, MSN/Bing, NBC, Picasa, Everyday Health. Why? Because color matters. It means something. Don’t overlook the importance of a proper brand color for your online and offline presence!

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